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1st »Search the item to buy -

The page shows in the upper part the different product categories available in the online store as well as a search engine from where you can find the item or items to buy. - From the page of each category you will access a list with the different articles belonging to the category. - By clicking on the chosen article you will access the corresponding file with detailed information about it, images, features and price.

2nd »Add items to your shopping cart or basket - To add an item to the shopping cart or basket you just have to click on the BUY button that appears on your card. Depending on the type of item, your card may show a series of attributes to select before being able to enter it in the shopping cart or basket. In case it is necessary to select an additional attribute of the article that has not been selected or completed, a warning will be displayed so that you can indicate the corresponding values. - You will always have the option to take a quick look at your basket by placing the cursor over the button available for that purpose in the upper area of ​​the page. While browsing the page you will always have this option available to view a summary of the status of your basket. Once in the basket you can modify the included units of an item, delete items and see the amount of your order.

3rd »Identify yourself - The next step will be to identify yourself with your email and password if you are already a customer of ## comercio ## or fill out the customer registration form if it is the first time you buy in our online store. If you are a customer you can also identify yourself by registering in advance from the [My account] option available at the top of the page, even without adding items to the basket.

4th »Finish your order and buy - Once verified that all the data entered and that the items added to the basket are correct, you must indicate the destination or shipping method and the payment method according to your purchase and proceed with its processing. In case of payment by card or other electronic payment system you will be redirected to a secure payment gateway to make the payment of your purchase. In any case, once the order is finalized, or after making the electronic payment, you will be redirected to ## comercio ## where the order number assigned to your purchase will be shown. Immediately after finishing your purchase you will receive an email in your email address with a copy of your order. If you have any questions or doubts to make your purchase please contact ## comercio ## in our email ## email_admin ##.

How can I pay?

For the convenience of our customers we offer several forms of payment: Payment through deposit in account: You can make the deposit for the amount of your order in our account of Banco de Santander SA.  

Banco Santander S.A.

Account number (IBAN) ES42 0049 2637 11 2014037507


Owner: Nudecom Acilegna S.L. Cash on delivery: You pay the person who delivers your order when you receive it. This system carries an extra cost for the commission charged by the transport companies.

Payment by bank transfer. We provide you with our Bando Santader SA account numbers where you can make the transfer, see conditions with your bank. If you have online banking, you can do it from your computer. In the transfer or income, you must indicate: - Name of the person or entity that made the order. - Beneficiary of the transfer: ## commerce ## - Number of your order in ## commerce ##, this number is automatically assigned by the system making reference to your reservation. At the time of finalizing your order you will be indicated the order number in ## commerce ##, which will be forwarded through the e-mail provided. - If you wish you can send us an email to info@carterasybilleteros.es, where you indicate your order number and the transfer made, which will expedite the shipment.

The account to buy from Spain:        

Banco Santander S.A. Account number

(IBAN) ES42 0049 2637 11 2014037507 Owner: Nudecom Acilegna S.L.   

To buy from a country other than Spain:  

Banco Santander S.A.

Account number (IBAN) ES42 0049 2637 11 2014037507

Swift / BIC code: BSCHESMM Owner: Nudecom Acilegna S.L.

The transfer must be made within a maximum period of seven days from the completion of the order. If in that period there is no proof of payment, the order will be canceled automatically. Payment by credit card. You can pay for your order by using your credit card, with a totally reliable and safe system. Payment through Paypal: www.paypal.es Available for most of the countries to which we ship. It is necessary that the address of destination is an address verified by Paypal (there are no exceptions in this aspect).

Shipping & Returns

Usually all the products offered have them in stock.

If you choose express delivery confirmed orders made before 14.00 hours are always processed for next day delivery (peninsula) through expresstransportation agency. If the purchase is after 14 hours realizarenos sending sending priority and can be delivered in 1.5 days. If for any point because there was a delay in sending you would communicate the delivery estimadomediante mail or phone call.

If you choose mail delivery, orders are processed on the day for shipping the next day by registered mail with tracking number and home delivery, national tanato as internaionales.
By placing your order, you can choose the mode of delivery as desired.

Shipping conditions
Shipping costs (VAT included)
España / Spain / Spagna /Spagne
Sending posted 3-5 working for delivery
2,75 EUR
V.A.T. 21%
Orders over to49,00EUR
España y Portugal entrega en 24 Horas
3,95 EUR
V.A.T. 21%
Orders over to49,00EUR
Islas Canarias, Ceuta, Melilla
Islas Canarias, Ceuta, Melilla Delivery 3 to 5 days
2,75 EUR
V.A.T. 21%
Orders over to49,00EUR
Europa / Europe / Delivery in 5-7 working days /Consegna in 5-7 giorni lavorativi / Livraison en 5-7 jours ouvrables
4,95 EUR
V.A.T. 21%
Orders over to125,00EUR
Post Office (from 5 to 10 working days)
9,95 EUR
V.A.T. 21%
Orders over to195,00EUR
19,95 EUR
V.A.T. 21%
Orders over to150,00EUR
Other charges (VAT included)
DestinationPayment formExtraCommissionMín.Max.V.A.T.
España / Spain / Spagna /SpagneDelivery2,950,00%0,000,0021%
España y Portugal entrega en 24 Horas Delivery2,950,00%0,000,0021%


All the products offered in our store are guaranteed for a minimum period of one year and, if applicable, by the one granted by each manufacturer and / or by current legislation. We put special effort to ensure that our products have the support of recognized manufacturers who provide their systems of verification and quality of the products they manufacture, as well as the best master craftsmen for handicrafts. For shipping, we take care of the protection and packaging of the purchased product with maximum detail so that it arrives at your home in perfect conditions for you to enjoy your purchase. The satisfaction of our customers is very important for our company.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product purchased through the internet, you have a period of 21 days, from the date of delivery of the product, to return it without any explanation. In this case the shipping and collection costs will be borne by the customer. Our address is: Nudecom Acilegna S.L. C / Isaac Albeniz nº 1 30400 Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia) - SPAIN - Before making such return, the customer must contact our sales department within the deadline indicated by email: info@carterasybilleteros.es, or telephone, where the return process will be indicated if it is not clear and the client tells us It will indicate the method of return chosen and what you want us to do. Any return without this prior communication will not be received. To be able to accept the return must be in perfect condition both the product and its original packaging, without scratches or broken or damaged packaging and including all documentation accompanying the product and its accessories. The customer must make a proper packaging to ensure transport without damage. Once received and checked by our staff that the product is in the same state in which it was sent, the amount will be refunded according to the payment method made by the customer. You can communicate with us through: By e-mail: info@carterasybilleteros.com By phone: 661 305 616 Spain or 0034 661 305 616 International.

To make a refund:

MODALITY A) You send it to us by certified mail without insuring it (so you can check in correo.es with the tracking number when they deliver it to us). You must put in the return address the details of who made the order.

MODALITY B) We can send an urgent transport agency to pick up your order, discounting the price of your purchase the price of 4.95 e. Once we receive it (*) we proceed to pay the amount of your purchase by the same method that you paid: bank card, Paypal, or the bank account from which you provide us with the 20 digits to make a transfer if you paid by bank transfer or cash on delivery Put the account number if applicable, within your return in a note. This option is only valid for Spain (peninsula) To make a return with article change:

MODE C) The most comfortable for you, this way you save yourself going to the post office, packing, etc. You only have to have the items in your packages as received and the urgent transport agency, in 24 hours you withdraw them and deliver the new item all at once. To do this, send an email to info@carterasybilleteros.es or phone call to 661305616: - When will they be at home - The new model, color and size that you want us to send you The cost of the two shipments (collection and new delivery) is 8.95 e. If there is a difference to one side or the other, we will contact you to indicate how you make the payment, or us the payment. This option is only valid for Spain (peninsula)

MODALITY D) You send it to us by certified mail without insuring (so you can check in correo.es with the tracking number when they deliver it to us). You must put in the return address the details of who made the order. Indicate within the shipment the new model, color and size you want. Once we receive it (*) we proceed to send you the new model. If there is a difference to one side or the other, we will contact you to indicate how you make the payment or us the payment, always before sending you the new merchandise.

(*) To be able to accept the return and / or change must be both the product and its packaging in perfect condition, without scratches or broken or damaged packaging and including all documentation accompanying the product and its accessories.

When you buy  Carterasybilleteros.es  are purchasing products with guaranteed quality. Many of these products are handcrafted, and that means that there may be some minor differences, sometimes subtle, between the product purchased and the picture offered in our online store. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality in all products satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. For this endeavor to ship your order within the shortest possible time, so you can enjoy your purchase. When you buy is as you would to Nudecom Acilegna SL, with CIF B73830598, in street/ Isaac Albeniz nº1  from  Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia) -Spain-both with trade in Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia)-Spain-If you want any further information we will be happy to assist you in: Info@carterasybilleteros.es


If you, to make your purchase pay your order by Paypal, the shipping address listed in the payment of paypal, must match the shipping address of the order, we reserve the right to cancel the order and make payment thereof deems timely. We also reserve the right to cancel the order and make the refund of the amount paid when appropriate in cases where the item purchased at risk in sending or can not be materializing, which previously communicate.
Thank you for trusting Carterasybilleteros.es
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